mimismooth / Ayumi Yanagawa

東京拠点の多国籍HIPHOP集団The Life Penciled Crew でフィーチャリングシンガーとして多数の楽曲制作、ライブに参加しメインラッパーSOHCHのソロプロジェクトにも参加。
またJazzy Sport所属のBudamunkの楽曲にも参加し、その後Sick TeamやGreen Butterとも曲中で共演。
そしてHennessy ArtstryのシークレットセッションではBudamunk x 金子巧というレアな顔ぶれでの初共演も果たす。
海外アーティストとも積極的にコラボレーションしブラジルのJAZZY HIPHOPユニットMental Abstratoのアルバム”Pure Essence”での客演やイギリス出身サックスプレイヤー/シンガー/コンポーザーMarcus Pittmanのアルバム”EXIOTIKAにコーラス参加。
マレーシア出身シンガーソングライターAsaph率いるアースミュージックプロジェクト”Tribes Of Asaph”への参加。

Tokyo born multi faceted vocalist Ayumi Yanagawa(known as mimismooth)

At a young age was introduced to her dad’s Soul and Jazz records that provided inspiration to search for her own style.

Joined in her later teen a Hip Hop& R&B.

A passion for travel and a borderless spirit has always fed a keen interest in ethnic music and vocal styles, in particular Indian and Arab music.

Recently moving to Shanghai has led her to discover the strong Art Deco history of a city once known as the “Paris of the Far East” and falling in love with jazz and in particular Gypsy Jazz.

Her high pitched voice moves around the scales freely as she improvises sensual melodies.

Her keen interest in many cultures brings her a unique blend of styles that fits a wide range of genres with a particular “signature”

She does not have a conventional Jazz voice, does not have a conventional R&B voice, does not have a conventional Soul voice yet her style is her own and her talent is undoubtedly unique.

<Works in Japan>

Recorded and performed with Tokyo based international hiphop group The Life Penciled Crew

Featured in the album”Pure Essence”by Jazz Hiphop Unit Mental Abstorato fromBrazill

Recorded Support Vocalist for Marcus Pittman’s album”EXOTICA”

Featured in works of BudaMunk(Jazzy Sport)

Featured in works of  GreenButter(P-Vine Records) and Sick Team(Jazzy Sport)

in 2013 May Released her first session album “First Jam Magic” with Takumi Kaneko and BudaMunk (Jazzy Sport Prod.)


Currently performing in Shanghai with-

“A” Gypsy flavoured Jazz quartet with Jan upright bass, Marc gypsy guitar, Darko accordion

“Tribes of Asaph” and earthy acoustic band

“Project box”

Short feature Live appearance at Shanghai short film festival 2013

Currently performance in Japan-

As an unit with Takumi Kaneko(Key)and BudaMunk(MPC)

◎5/29BudaMunk x Takumi Kaneko x mimismooth

アルバム”First Jam Magic”がJAZZY SPORTよりリリース決定!


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